Friday, 21 November 2014


As promised, everyone who buys "Animals In My Hair" (hardcover, from Mili Fay Art) until December 14th, 2014 will be entered into a draw to win an original, watercolour painting, from Mili Fay Art's first book, "Animals In My Hair".

However, I need help deciding which painting it will be.  Therefore, I have decided to put this decision to a vote.  Which painting would YOU like to win?

Medium: Watercolour and acrylic ink on Borden and Riley's #627 Rag Drawing Paper (BEST ILLUSTRATION PAPER EVER!)

1. "Fox With The Fan" (8.25" x 11")

2. "This is the story..." (11" x 7.5")

3. "All gone, madam?" (8" x 11")

4. "Eastern Cougar" (8.25" x 11")

5. "Single Whooping Crane" (5.5" x 6")

6. "6" (8" x 11")

7. "Two Ferrets Facing Off" (11.25" x 6")

8. "Pandas" (11" x 7")

If you have trouble choosing by letting me know which painting you would like in the comments, I will make the choice for you.  The draw will take place December 15th or 16th.  You will receive the details in your AIMH Membership e-mail.

Thank you for your support and: GOOD LUCK!



Mili Fay, a Toronto-based artist, classical animator, illustrator, writer, and singer, is an award winning graduate of Sheridan College and Art Instruction Schools.  In November of 2011 she created Mili Fay Art determined to support the world one artwork at a time.

Her latest published work is Animals In My Hair; a story about a boy who goes for his first haircut only to find endangered animals falling out of his hair.  Recently chosen for the INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair’s Programming (November 13th – 16th, 2014) out of 700+ submissions, Animals In My Hair, is the world’s first ever Artwork Book; a new type of picture book that seamlessly combines the best features of fine art, picture books, activity books, and educational books.  In accordance with Mili Fay Art’s vision, 30% of all profits from Animals In My Hair book and merchandise will be donated to wildlife conservation.

To find out more about Animals In My Hair, and/or to purchase the few remaining FIRST EDITION copies of the initial print run, visit:

Mili Fay Art: “Together we support the world one artwork at a time.”


  1. All gorgeous, but Fox it Fan. I love his devilish expression ;-)

    1. Thank you, Serena. :-) Swift foxes were the first animals I drew for the book. They are adorable. Smaller than red foxes with more rounded muzzles. They are also very fast as their name suggests.

  2. I love the little pandas. So cute.

    1. Thank you. :-) I'll post the choices for the last round the following week.

  3. Thanks for the invitation, Mili. Happy that your book has had such a wonderful reception. Mike

  4. Touch choice, but I'd go with the ferrets myself


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